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Saffron Extract Benefits & Uses

As an ingredient, saffron has been a delectable and favorable addition to any meal. What it may not be known however is how saffron extract has many other amazing uses, besides being used for simply spicing up our Sunday night chicken. Let's take a deeper look into what makes Saffron extract a great spice to keep on hand.

What is Saffron

Saffron is a spice long used most commonly used in in cooking, although more recently has become more widely used in traditional medicine.  It comes from the  Crocus sativus or saffron flower, which can grow up to about a foot in height. It can only grow up to four flowers at a time.  Due to its properties and due to its low quantity of production of flowers, Saffron has long held the title as one of the most expensive spices. It is native to Southeast Asia, however, know can be found in many parts if the world thanks to copying human made mechanisms.  Proponents of this flower believe that saffron extract can also work as a great appetite suppressant, mood, relaxation, promotes calmness and harmony. There are many active and scent inducing compounds in Saffron which include crocetin, picrocrocin, and safranal.

Saffron Extract Benefits

There are many benefits to know Saffron Extract that extend far beyond cooking. Many believe that saffron can aid in the decreasing onset of Alzheimer's Disease, can lessen anxiety and depression, lessen headache symptoms, aid in asthma symptoms, as well as help in combating insomnia, PMS symptoms, inflammation, treat sexual disorders and help promote weight loss.

saffron extract
Although it is not clear exactly how saffron aids in lifting symptoms of depression, several studies have concluded that its influence cannot be denied. Saffron extract is indeed believed to be effective in promoting a healthier mood. Many proponents believe that Saffron may increase the amounts of serotonin in the brain, which is critical in regulating moods. It is not yet marketed as a certified treatment of depression, however, although all signs point to that it might very well be in the future.

The increase of serotonin in saffron also affects weight management. A Proper balance of serotonin inhibits the need to overindulge in food. Saffron is also believed to curb these cravings. According to studies, those who were prone to overeating were treated with saffron. The conclusion of the studies showed that appetites were curbed and those with overeating issues were found to consume much less than their counterparts who did not ingest saffron.

In an additional study, those who suffered from PMS symptoms were found to have much less discomfort upon ingesting two saffron supplement pills over a period of two menstrual cycles.

It must be noted however that will all supplements, even though Saffron has much to be praised for, it should be taken with caution. It is readily available in many grocery and health food stores, and can also be purchased online. Although it is safe for cooking, the recommended dosage when ingested as a supplement at 30 mg per day should not be overlooked. Saffron, along with many spices can cause some unpleasant side effects. Dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea are all possible symptoms. It is not recommended ingested saffron when pregnant, and those who are already taking anti-depression medication should be aware that it can alter the medication, as Saffron also naturally increases serotonin as well. While Saffron is considered safe as a cooking ingredient, if you wish to take it as a dietary supplement,t it would be best to consult your physician before using.

Saffron Extract Uses

Other than the uses as mentioned above and used as a cooking ingredient, Saffron can also be used to treat some non serious issues. In Japan, Saffron has long been used to keep minds sharp and ward of mental deterioration. It also has been used to prevent Parkinson's disease and a way to lessen inflammation. Although studies have not been numerous, many believe it can also increase the male libido. Taken at nighttime, it is believed to work as a sexual stimulant. It also has properties that seem to mimic Vitamin C. It has long been used to as a treatment for colds and fevers when mixed with milk. Another use of Saffron is one that takes advantage of its glorious sunflower gold yellow color. This spice can be utilized as a substitute for that food which requires yellow food dye. A smart, and healthy choice which protects us from unhealthy additives. Saffron can also be used as a way to achieve glowing skin Mix it with milk, allow it to sit for a half hour then apply it to your face. Wash over after 15 minutes and voila! Beautiful, glowing skin.

As you can see, the benefits of Saffron extract extend far beyond the kitchen, although many delicious dishes have been made with this centuries old spice.

It is important to remember however when using Saffron for other than cooking; it may be wise to consult your physician if ingesting on a regular basis. 

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